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April - Available


April is a standard purebred poodle with beautiful dark brown colors. She is a happy dog that loves to follow her family around. We are now looking for a nice quiet place where she can become part of a new family.

Mishia - Available


Mishia joined us as a young dog; she came to us from a breeder who had been breeding for 30 years. Mishia loves people and other dogs. She has a goofy but quiet personality and enjoys following us around. She is a parti poodle and our first standard female poodle in our breeding program. Mishia is a great fit in our family of dogs. OFA tested. We are now looking for a home where she can become part of a new family.

Lacey - Retired

Lacey is a beautiful tri-coloured red Border Collie. She loves playing fetch and other such games with anyone and everyone who wishes to do so. Lacey has a beautiful temperament, with lots of energy for play time, but she is also very calm and ready to sit on your lap anytime you want. She really enjoys just following us around or sitting next to someone while desk work is getting done. Lacey is a very brilliant dog and loves to please she is registered with ABCA.

Lassie - Retired


Lassie is our gentle and very friendly little girl. She is one of our smallest Border Collies and has a very sweet personality. Lassie is a very obedient dog and will do anything you ask. She has always enjoyed jumping, going for walks, and being with people; she is a very loyal dog. Lassie is a registered purebred Border Collie born on April 8. OFA tested.

Roxy - Retired


Roxy is our beautiful high energy girl. She is extremely intelligent and very playful; she loves people and is always eager for a game of fetch. Roxy has some beautiful colours and a very nice coat. She is protective and very loyal to our family. Roxy is a registered purebred Border Collie and was born May 16. OFA tested.

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