Pricing and Payment

All prices are in Canadian dollars and include HST.

Mini Bordoodle Puppy

Black and White - $4,000

Tri-colour or Brown - $4,300

Merle - $4,500

Medium Bordoodle Puppy 

Black and White - $3,700

Tri-colour or Brown - $3,900

Merle - $4,200

Standard Bordoodle Puppy

Black and White - $3,700

Tri-colour or Brown - $3,900

Our preferred method of payment at this time is by e-transfer. Please contact us directly if you cannot pay this way. To reserve a puppy we ask that you make a $400 deposit. All deposits are non refundable. This payment goes towards the purchase price of your puppy and guarantees that you will get a puppy. When a deposit is made, an estimated timeframe will be given in which you can expect to receive a puppy; however, estimated wait times can occasionally vary due to circumstances that are out of our control. If we are unable to provide you with a puppy within 12 months of the estimated timeframe that was provided at the time of the initial deposit, we will return your deposit in full. You will be added to our wait list and will choose your puppy based on when you made your deposit. If there are no puppies that meet your criteria that are available in a litter, your deposit will be held and transferred to the next available litter. If you choose to transfer your deposit to another litter due to personal reasons we will hold your deposit for 24 months. If a puppy has not been chosen, even though we were able to provide you with a puppy within that timeframe, your deposit will become invalid and you will have to reapply and provide a new deposit if you would like to continue to wait. If you are eligible for a litter and you select a puppy, but decide after you have chosen a puppy that you are unable to bring this puppy home for any reason at all, but you would still like to remain on our waiting list for a later litter, your name will be placed at the bottom of the list. We will not place you on our waiting list if a deposit has not been arranged. We require full payment to be made and a signed contract to be presented before you take your puppy home!

If you are interested in taking home one of these adorable companions please take time to fill out one of our puppy applications or subscribe to our newsletter.