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All our dogs are OFA hips and elbows tested. We also DNA test all our dogs before they enter our breeding program.

Border Collie | Country Raised Bordoodles



Tracy is our sweet girl. She is very smart and learns new things very quickly. Some of her favorite pastimes are playing tug-a-war with her favorite person, Carl's younger sister Ellen, and other dogs. Tracy enjoys jumping over as many things and as high as possible. She is a registered purebred red Border Collie and was born on January 29. OFA tested.

Border Collie | Country Raised Bordoodles



Sadie, is a tri, purebred Border Collie with lines coming from Ireland. She is the largest border collie in our family of collies. Sadie is Roxy's sister. Both collies share their mother's intelligence. Sadie is extremely smart, active, and outgoing! Sadie's love for people and other pets means she does not shy away from saying hello to strangers and other dogs!  She enjoys walks, runs, playing, etc. Sadie is such a happy girl with a fun personality. She aims to please! Sadie was born April 8 and is a registered CBCA purebred border collie. OFA tested.

Poodle | Country Raised Bordoodles



Sasha is our very first poodle mom! She is a medium sized poodle. She is extremely calm and quite loving with people; although, no one can quite beat her favourite person - Carl's younger sister Janell! She loves to go for drives to meet new people and enjoys when we have guests come for visits! She has a desire to make her presence known in any social situation! We could not be happier to have her join our family! She was raised to be a very well-tempered dog from two wonderful purebred poodle parents. Her coat colours bring out beautiful puppies. Sasha has so much love for puppies and loves to play with other dogs - as long as they do not bark! Her favourite past times include walking, meeting new friends, and being held! She is a purebred Poodle and is CKC registered. OFA tested.

Poodle | Country Raised Bordoodles


Bella is King's sister who, like him, is very playful. She is a CKC registered medium poodle and is health tested. She carries blue merle and many other colours. With her friendly personality and abundant energy, she fits in so well with our family of dogs. Bella is a very smart girl; she learns so fast and loves to play. OFA tested.

Border Collie | Country Raised Bordoodles


Rosie is our beautiful tri Red Border Collie. She is ABCA registered, health tested, and our first and only short-haired border collie. We picked her up from the airport as a 8 week old puppy and she’s been a part of our family of border collies ever since.  She has always loved jumping, fetching, and playing. One of her favourite pastimes is to go for a good run with Cornelia, Carl’s younger sister. Rosie has always taken a liking to Cornelia above anyone else. Like the rest of our border collies, she is extremely intelligent. Rosie is a lovely dog; she is eager to please, strong willed, and has such beautiful colours. OFA tested.

Border Collie | Country Raised Bordoodles


Maggie is a very sweet little dog; she loves attention and knows just how to get it. She enjoys sitting on your lap and just spending time with people in general. Maggie also loves to be around other dogs and puppies. She is a wonderful mom and likes to spend lots of time with her puppies. She is a purebred Border Collie. OFA tested.


Shelly is a very beautiful dog with a lovely personality. She lives in a guardian home and here is what they tell us about her: Shelly loves to wake up early to kiss her guardians, her favorite hobbies are to track squirrels, playing catch, walking, saying hello to everyone in the neighborhood and running with her sister Daisy. When the weather is nice she wants to be outside all day, but when its not you'll find her curled up next to us or in her quiet spot. She's mostly  quiet unless she's playing with her friends. She's a really good girl and loves being one. You might what to stay away unless you like kisses! OFA tested.


Virginia is our very first mini Bordoodle to join our breeding program, so we are very excited about her puppies! Virginia is from Roxy here at Country Raised Bordoodles. She is a very friendly and smart dog; she loves people and is always ready to be carried around. Some of her favorite things to do are swimming in the pond, playing fetch, and hanging out with puppies and all of her doggie friends.

OFA tested.


Daisy is a very smart and playful girl; she loves people and other dogs. Daisy is very good at fetch and an excellent catcher. Some things she enjoys doing are swimming, learning new things, and just hanging out with her friends. We are excited to for the wonderful puppies she adds to our breeding program. OFA tested.


Queenie is very sweet and loves everyone. She is a CKC registered medium poodle. Queenie has a beautiful coat with many lovely colours. Her puppies carry many of her amazing traits and we are very happy to have Queenie in our family of dogs


Autumn is a beautiful dog with an amazing personality.  She loves everyone and passes down her good qualities to all her puppies. We couldn't be more happy to have Autumn in our breeding program. Autumn is a CKC registered medium poodle.

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