Tracy is our sweet girl. She is very smart and is learns new things very quickly. Tracy loves playing with the other dogs and with people. She is a registered pure bred red Border Collie and was born on January 29.



Roxy is our beautiful high energy girl. She is extremely intelligent and loves to play. Roxy is protective and very loyal to our family. She is a registered pure bred Border Collie and was born May 16.



Lassie is our gentle, very friendly, and obedient little girl. Lassie enjoys jumping, going for walks, and being with people; she is a very loyal dog. Lassie is a registered pure bred Border Collie born on April 8.



Sadie, is a tri, purebred Border Collie with lines coming from Ireland. She is the largest border collie in our family of collies. Sadie happens to be Roxy's sister. Both collies share their mother's intelligence. Sadie is extremely smart, active, and outgoing! Sadie's love for people and other pets means she does not shy away from saying hello to strangers and other dogs! She seldomly complains about being brushed or even having her toes stepped on by accident. She will just happily sit and wag her tail. She enjoys walks, runs, but her favourite is to be carried around, if you so choose! Sadie is such a happy girl with a fun personality. She aims to please! Sadie was born April 8 and is a registered CKC purebred border collie.



Sasha is our very first poodle mom! She is a medium sized poodle. She is extremely calm and quite loving with people; although, no one can quite beat her favourite person - Carl's younger sister Janell! She loves to go for drives to meet new people and enjoys when we have guests come for visits! She has a desire to make her presence known in any social situation! We could not be happier to have her join our family! She was raised to be a very well-tempered dog from two wonderful purebred poodle parents. Her coat colours bring out beautiful puppies. Sasha has so much love for puppies and loves to play with other dogs - as long as they do not bark! Her favourite past times include walking, meeting new friends, and being held! She is a purebred Poodle and is CKC registered.

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