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Are Bordoodles good with children?

Yes, we have had multiple people with young children get one of our Bordoodles. Bordoodles have a loyal, loving personality with an active, intelligent nature. They can usually sense if you aren't comfortable and are a dog that desires to make you happy.

Are Bordoodles okay with cats?

Yes, you can own a cat and a Bordoodle. It does help to have the puppy grow up with the cat. If you are planning to get a cat later on when your puppy will be a dog, you may wish to introduce your puppy to a friend's cat to help prepare.

Will my Bordoodle be able to go on runs with me?

Bordoodles are active, agile dogs, and while they are content and happy to cuddle up on the couch with you, they also have energy. We do recommend waiting until the puppy stage is past before doing strenuous actives with your puppy, but once they are a dog, a Bordoodle would love to accompany you on daily runs, or walks for that matter.

Is a Bordoodle okay in the city?

Yes, many of our Bordoodles live in the city. They love being with people and are social dogs, although they tend to like their family the best. You do need to take your dog out for walks or other actives because they need exercise too, just like us. 

How do I reserve a puppy and what are the next steps? 
Below is a brief outline, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

1. Browse through our website and research Bordoodles.

2. Fill out our puppy application.

3. If your application is approved, you may place a deposit to reserve a puppy from an available litter, or you may place a deposit to reserve a place on our waiting list.

4. If you joined our waiting list, we will contact you when we have a puppy available for you. If you reserved a puppy from an available litter, we will keep in touch with details to choose and prepare for your new puppy. 

5. The puppies are individually chosen at about 6 weeks of age. People are able to choose from a litter in order of when they placed their deposit.

6. While you wait for your puppy to be old enough to go home, you can purchase puppy supplies, contact your vet, and get ready for a new puppy. We will send out emails along the way with information to help you prepare.

7. After your puppy turns 8 weeks, he or she will be ready to go home with you. Final payment and a signed contract is due at this time.

8. Even after your puppy has left us, we are here for support and are available to answer any questions you may have.


How are your puppies raised?

Our puppies are born and raised on our own property. From the time they are born until they are ready to go to their new homes, we spend plenty of time caring and interacting with them. The days surrounding their birth usually involve some sleepless nights as we do our best to ensure that both the puppies and dog are doing well. The puppies learn to be comfortable with people from a very young age, and are introduced to a variety of ages: adults and children. Provided the weather is suitable, as the puppies grow older they begin to spend more and more time outdoors soaking up the sunshine. When it is too cold/wet, we have plenty of room inside for the puppies to play and enjoy. We carefully choose top breeding dogs with health and temperament being the top priority, as well as beautiful colours. Each of Country Raised Bordoodles's dogs is health tested and each puppy is checked over by our vet before going to it's new home.

What are your prices?

Check out our pricing and payment page for detailed information on the prices. Please note that all our prices are in Canadian dollars and include HST.

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